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Tumalanov N.

Monopoly and rent: political and economic context

Keywords: formation of a rent, monopoly, capital market, antimonopoly policy

Based on the analysis of income distribution a new concept of monopoly and rent are introduced, refined in the political and economic context. Indissoluble interrelations of a rent and monopoly are characterized. It is proved that the correct understanding of a phenomenon of monopoly and a rent requires increasing knowledge of the markets of factors of production and competitive relations. The understanding of political and economic essence of that periodically occurs in the market of the capitals and the currency markets is offered. Any assignment of a rent is a result of synthesis of the exclusive power of a market and political origin. Main prerequisites of emergence of monopolies, forming and distributions of rents are formed in the market of factors of production. The concept of the antimonopoly policy has been revised.


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Tumalanov Nikolay V.
Doctor of Economics Sciences, Professor, Department of State and Municipal Administration and Regional Economy, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; )

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