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Aisin G.

Features of regulatory and institutional support of religious freedom by the Soviet state (1918–1938)

Keywords: religious freedom, legal guarantees, spaces, Soviet law, a religious Association

In conditions of democratic development of Russia, multi-religious composition of the population of the country determines special significance of historical and legal experience of the Russian state in the sphere of regulatory support and state regulation of worship. In the 21st century the Russian Federation has faced with attempts to use multi-confessional composition of the population in anti-government projects. The present article gives the analysis of practical and legal experience of the first decades of the Soviet state in the sphere of ensuring freedom of conscience and worship. The given experience in our opinion is of practical value upon condition of critical re-evaluation. Law-enforcement practice formed in 1918-1938 in the matter of religious freedom may be taken into account in forming up public policy of interaction with religious associations in the Russian Federation.


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Aysyn Gulnaz
public law department senior lecturer, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; )

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