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O. Sorokin

Current problems of regions’ socio-economic developmental prospects provision

Keywords: socio-economic development of regions, polluted water, contamination pace, prognosis estimation, causal relationship, feedback, Delphi method, fashion, the median value, quartiles, event probability

The article is devoted to current problems of regions’ socio-economic developmental prospects provision. The aim of this study is pollution prognosis estimation of the river Volga within the boundaries of Cheboksary reservoir for the next 30 years to the level that makes it impossible to use the water for drinking, in conditions of maintaining existing nature protection measures and the rate of river pollution. Applying Delphi method for correction of the earlier forecast, this event probability was estimated. According to the results of research, in the absence of extra environmental protection measures and at preserving the existing scale of pollutants emission, the critical contamination level may be reached already in 2029. The given study provides timely warning of possible dangers and opportunities of taking measures to prevent them. Tools for studying causal mechanisms accelerating processes of environmental degradation in regions are offered in order to solve the problem posed.


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Sorokin Oleg
candidate in economics, regional economy and entrepreneurship department associate professor, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; )

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