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Timofeeva T.

Legal framework and procedure to exercise child support recovery by enforcement

Keywords: enforcement proceedings, child support, recovery, enforcement, execution document, a bailiff, seizure of property

In the article the author examines legal regulation of enforcement proceedings on child support recovery and analyzes voluntary and compulsory order for using compulsory execution measures by a judicial bailiff-executor of executive documents for alimony obligations, as well as summarizes the position of the Federal bailiff service of the Russian Federation on executing the requirements of executive documents on alimony recovery during 9 months of 2016. Enforcement proceedings take place on the basis of an executive document, subject to immediate execution. Law enforcement practice shows that debtors prefer to execute the executive document in full without alienation of their property as a result of seizure of their property and its subsequent evaluation and sale. The author comes to the conclusion that the most productive approach is that of using preventive enforcement actions that ensure savings of executive proceedings as well.


  1. Vystuplenie direktora Federal’noi sluzhby sudebnykh pristavov – glavnogo sudebnogo pristava Rossiiskoi Federatsii A.O. Parfenchikova na koordinatsionnom soveshchanii (videokonferentsiya) na temu «O rezul’tatakh raboty territorial’nykh organov FSSP Rossii po ispolneniyu trebovanii ispolnitel’nykh dokumentov o vzyskanii alimentov za 9 mesyatsev 2016 goda» [Speech of the Director of the Federal bailiff service – chief bailiff of Russian Federation A.O. Parfenchikov at the coordination meeting (video-conference) on the subject “About results of work of territorial bodies FSSP of Russia on execution of requirements of Executive documents on collecting of the alimony in 9 months of 2016]. Available at:
  2. Otchet o vypolnenii publichnoi deklaratsii tselei i zadach, dostignutykh Federal’noi sluzhboi sudebnykh pristavov Rossii v 2014 godu [Report on the implementation of public Declaration of goals and objectives achieved by the Federal service of bailiffs of Russia in 2014]. Available at:

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Timofeeva Tatiana F.
Candidate of Law Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of the Civil Legal Disciplines, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; ORCID:

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Timofeeva T. Legal framework and procedure to exercise child support recovery by enforcement [Electronic resource] // Oeconomia et Jus. – 2017. – №4. P. 71-75. – URL: