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Nechaeva E.

Urgent issues of executing a punishment as imprisonment at medical-penal institutions

Keywords: criminal punishment, imprisonment, criminal enforcement system, medical penal institutions, the convicted, drug addiction, alcoholism, health care

Urgent problems of theoretical and applied nature while executing criminal punishment in the form of imprisonment in medical penal institutions (hereinafter – MPI) with respect to women using the example of the Federal Penitentiary Service Administration of Russia in the Chuvash Republic – Chuvashia are considered in the article. Social-demographic and criminal-legal characteristics of the convicts retained in the MPI are analyzed in the article, issues as regards to implementation of basic correctional means for the drug or alcohol addicted convicted are subjected to critical analysis. Based on an in-depth analysis of the norms regulating execution of criminal penalties in MPI, some legislative gaps are revealed and action-oriented proposals and recommendations on their elimination and improvement of current correctional legislation in the specified area are formulated. The conclusions and recommendations presented in the article will make it possible to increase the efficiency of functioning of MPIs as correctional institutions and to create necessary conditions for serving sentences by the convicts, drug or alcohol addicted, and for their subsequent successful social adaptation.


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Nechaeva Elena V.
Candidate of Law Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Criminal and Legal Subjects, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; ORCID:

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Nechaeva E. Urgent issues of executing a punishment as imprisonment at medical-penal institutions [Electronic resource] // Oeconomia et Jus. – 2017. – №4. P. 28-33. – URL: