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Bersenyov V.

Features of legal regulation of activities for ensuring ecological-economic security at a regional level

Keywords: economic security, ecological safety, ecological-economic security, concept of «sustainable development», natural resources, environment

The article presents analysis of evolution of legislation to ensure economic and ecological security which demonstrates that attempts to unite these directions of policy-making within the category «ecological-economic security» so far remain incomplete. In Russia the concept of «sustainable development» offered at the boundary between 1980s and 1990s by a number of international organizations is positively perceived by the federal and regional legislator in the ideological and theoretical plan, however it is torn away at the stage of implementing settings put in place. Respectively, the initial aspiration to provide our country’s transition to sustainable development within balanced solution of social and economic problems as well problems of rational using natural and resource potential and favorable environment preservation was replaced in the 2000s by practice of autonomous legal regulation of relations in the sphere of both economic and ecological safety.


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Bersenev Vladimir
doctor of historical sciences, professor, leading researcher, Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, Ekaterinburg (; )

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Bersenyov V. Features of legal regulation of activities for ensuring ecological-economic security at a regional level [Electronic resource] // Oeconomia et Jus. – 2018. – №1. P. 23-41. – URL: