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Kuznetsova E., Yakovlev G.

Agricultural cooperation is one of the main priorities of Russia

Keywords: agrobusiness, agricultural cooperation, small and medium-sized business forms, farm enterprises (FE), personal subsidiary farms (PSF), grant, ecoproduction, gross internal product (GIP)

Basing on the analysis of existing social and economic business forms in the village relevance of studying the problem of agricultural cooperation is substantiated. The need to unite the efforts of economic entities into a single whole – agricultural cooperation – is dictated by an increase in demand for qualitative agricultural products in the internal and external markets. Coming into existence of new agrarian activity forms of production and consumer cooperatives is connected with their general motivation – increase in production of agricultural products and cost cutting per unit of production, setting the greatest possible market price of products produced and receiving a high income. Research objective is substantiation of scientific approaches to solving the problem of using rural cooperation as one of the main national forms of agrobusiness of the Russian economy in modern conditions. Agricultural cooperation acts as a national cooperative structure opening access for all agricultural producers to the internal and external markets of agricultural products, modern equipment and technology, increase in competitiveness and profitability within modern agrobusiness. The novelty of a research consists in development of theoretical and methodological bases for formation and functioning of agricultural cooperation and monitoring tendencies of its development in modern agrarian production. Agricultural cooperation as an advanced form of social employment and collective business in the long term can become one of the main priorities of the Russian economy.


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Kuznetsova Elvira G.
Candidate of Economics Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Economic Theory and International Economic Relations, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; ORCID:
Yakovlev Georgy
doctor of economics, economic theory and international relations department professor, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary )

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