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Semenova Inna Yu.

Revisiting the History of the Formation and Development of Family and Marriage Institutions in the Domestic Pre-Revolutionary and Soviet Family Legislations

Keywords: marriage, family, form of concluding marriage, marital cohabitation, historical family values, religious marriage dogmas and beliefs, canonical marriage ideas, canons of the Russian Orthodox Church about marriage and family

The article analyzes the issues related to the history of marriage and family institutions formation and development in the domestic pre-revolutionary and Soviet family legislations. The author examines the basic religious postulates and church dogmas that for many centuries determined the patterns of family life and marriage relations in Russia. The results of the study the author advanced the opinion that in designated historical periods the basic rules regulating marriage and family relations were laid, the observance of which was ensured by the church's ideology and coercive power of the secular authorities; the legislative regulations under consideration played a significant role in the further development of domestic family law. The author pays special attention on the fact that in modern Russia, where the church is separated from the state, in the marriage sphere, there is a co-operation of the Russian Orthodox Church and the state in matters of psychological assistance to the family, raising children and mutual respect for spouses.


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Semenova Inna Yu.
Senior Teacher of Civil Legal Disciplines Department, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; ORCID:

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Semenova Inna Yu. Revisiting the History of the Formation and Development of Family and Marriage Institutions in the Domestic Pre-Revolutionary and Soviet Family Legislations [Electronic resource] // Oeconomia et Jus. – 2020. – №1. P. 62-67. – URL: