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DOI: 10.47026/2499-9636-2021-2-49-54

Kuznetsov A.K.

Legal Regulation of Election Campaigning in the Internet Information and Communication Network

Keywords: legal regulation, election campaigning, information technologies, information and communication network "Internet", electoral legislation

The relevance of the topic under study is due to the wide penetration of new technologies in all spheres of public relations. Due to its special situation, the electoral process is the most susceptible not only to the introduction of modern technologies, but to a greater use of the information and communication network "Internet" as well. Adaption of the electoral legislation to the requirements of the time appears to be important. The present study is aimed at a comprehensive analysis of the Russian legislation regulating the issues of election campaigning in the information and communication network "Internet". The article analyzes Federal Law № 43-FZ dated March 9, 2021 "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation", Federal Law №67-FZ dated June 12, 2002 "On Basic Guarantees of Electoral Rights and the Right to Participate in a Referendum of the Russian Federation Citizens", Federal Law № 149-FZ dated July 27, 2006 "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection", Federal Law № 20-FZ dated February 22, 2014 "On Elections of Deputies to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation". Amendments to the legislation regarding regulation of election campaigning in the Internet are considered as a timely and adequate response to the growth of Internet use for campaigning purposes. Election commissions have additional rights to prevent dissemination of campaign materials and information in the Internet that do not meet the requirements of the electoral legislation. Concerning these appeals, election commissions can contact the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media. Attention is drawn to possible difficulties in new legislation enforcement, such as additional resources, professional skills in tracking, identifying and documenting violations.


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Kuznetsov Anton K.
Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Public Law Department, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; ORCID:

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Kuznetsov A.K. Legal Regulation of Election Campaigning in the Internet Information and Communication Network [Electronic resource] // Oeconomia et Jus. – 2021. – №2. P. 49-54. – URL: DOI: 10.47026/2499-9636-2021-2-49-54.