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DOI: 10.47026/2499-9636-2022-1-38-44

Petrova S.V.

Improvement of Personnel Policy in Public Service

Keywords: personnel potential, personnel policy, mechanisms for implementing personnel policies, social and labor relations, public service

The relevance of the topic is due to the fact that there is a need to transform the personnel policy and personnel technologies in the public service. At this, it is necessary to revise the elements of personnel policy for the public sector. To improve the efficiency of personnel technologies in the state civil service of the Chuvash Republic, we propose to use the experience of the civil service and personnel department of other regions. The purpose is a detailed analysis of modern state personnel policy in the public service. The scientific novelty of the work represents proposals for improving the personnel policy in the public service, taking into account other regional practices. The author studied the practice of compliance with the legislation on the civil service in various areas, compiled a table on the problems of personnel policy in the civil service and measures to solve them. At this, the database "Best personnel practices in the state civil and municipal service" (2015–2019) was reviewed. The experience of organizing complex work on personnel management in Leningrad region is interesting. To develop the personnel policy in the public service, it was proposed to introduce the sector of corporate culture and social and labor relations not only in the public service in the Chuvash Republic, but in other regions as well. Currently, the approach to personnel policy in the public service is too formal. There is a tendency to change the approach to personnel policy in the public service in terms of its flexibility and there is a need to improve it. This is evidenced by the various practices of implementing the personnel policy in the public service at the regional levels. Thus, the approach to personnel policy may be different, one of which is proposed in this article.


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Petrova Svetlana V.
Candidate of Economics Sciences, Associate Professor, Departments of State and Municipal Administration and Regional Economics, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; )

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Petrova S.V. Improvement of Personnel Policy in Public Service [Electronic resource] // Oeconomia et Jus. – 2022. – №1. P. 38-44. – URL: DOI: 10.47026/2499-9636-2022-1-38-44.