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DOI: 10.47026/2499-9636-2023-1-9-16

Bondarenko N.V.

Impact of the Transformation of Geoeconomy for Foreign Trade Activities

Keywords: foreign economic activity, foreign trade activity, state regulation, import substitution policy, export, import, economic sanctions

The article substantiates the need to study the issues of regulation of foreign economic activity. The purpose of this study is to study the processes of influence of the transformation of geo-economics on foreign trade activities. The role of state regulation in solving the issues of optimizing commodity flows is determined. The regulatory and legislative framework for the organization of foreign economic activity of the Russian Federation and foreign countries has been studied. The main problems affecting the formation of quantitative and qualitative indicators of exports and imports are identified. The materials and methods used in the study of sources, such as content analysis and the method of expert assessments, made it possible to create a fairly objective map of the situation with foreign economic activity. The results of the study. An analysis of the situation that has developed in the world market has shown that the system of commodity flows is being transformed and priorities in geopolitics and geoeconomics are changing. The situation that has developed in the Russian Federation in the field of imports has acquired negative features and requires urgent measures of state intervention. It is necessary to use active options for tariff and non-tariff regulation to provide goods and raw materials to industries that are still dependent on imports. The article substantiates the need to activate the import substitution system. Such a scheme is beneficial both for foreign countries and for Russia, in the absence of the necessary resources. The change in the vectors of interaction with foreign countries in foreign markets led to additional problems and financial costs. However, these measures are currently producing positive results. The findings identified. The transformation of markets is gaining momentum. Solving the tasks of integrating into the new market system will allow the state and the business community to solve problems with supplies from abroad, optimize production and gain time before creating their own resources.


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Bondarenko Natalia V.
Candidate of Economics Sciences, Associate Professor, Finance, Credit and Statistics Department, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; ORCID:Х)

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Bondarenko N.V. Impact of the Transformation of Geoeconomy for Foreign Trade Activities [Electronic resource] // Oeconomia et Jus. – 2023. – №1. P. 9-16. – URL: DOI: 10.47026/2499-9636-2023-1-9-16.