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Ivanov V.

Features of formation of competitive environment in the agricultural sector

Keywords: competitive advantage, resources, budget, funding, investment attractiveness

The aim of the study is to clarify the nature and functions of investments, evaluation of in-vestment environment in modern domestic agricultural production, to determine the possi-bility of activation of investment activity in agrarian sector of the region with the focus on expanded reproduction of capital in the industry. Methods the study is part of the collection of data to ensure the accuracy of the findings, theoretical treatment of obtained results, qualitative analysis and synthesis of obtained data in the study, interpretation of data and formulation of conclusions. The results of the study are the identification of the conditions for investment in the agricultural sector, identify opportunities activation investment activity. Scientific novelty of the study is to clarify the nature of investments in agricultural production and improve production efficiency in the industry. Substantiated the decisive role in this process formed the conditions of their implementation. The practical significance of the research lies in the fact that the proposed directions in the creation of an enabling environment and attracting investment in the agricultural sector can be used in the development and implementation of regulatory policy in the sector and policies to support agricultural production. Today, the reproduction of the capital is one of the main conditions for effective production in the industry, providing the most important society for life products – food. Improving the efficiency of production in the industry requires not only the necessary volume of investments, but also their high quality corresponding to modern requirements in terms of technical and technological characteristics, targeted their investments on critical areas, determines the current status of agricultural production and its development.


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Ivanov Vladimir V.
Candidate of Economics Sciences, Associated Professor of Accounting and E-Business and Statistics Department, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; )

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