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Tumalanov N.

Function of rent in exchange interbranch relations

Keywords: land rent, interdisciplinary exchange, the agricultural sector, extractive industries

The problem of the domestic economy is inefficient use of land and natural resources, rental income from them in the sectoral specialization and competition in world markets. All that excess which gives the land in excess compensation of labor expended, can be regarded as ground-rent. Land rent can be considered and the excess returns that give the field of mineral resources, the wealth and the ground water resources. Rental income in the form of the product, its economic assimilation by the body – a continuous process and its effectiveness depends on the success of its participation in the international exchange. Ensured the success of this regulation inter-sectoral exchange, based on the fact that the sectors of the national economy are mutually feed each other. If a large surplus product is produced in the same industry, and the other does not exist, it is rational to pay this excess food deprived industry. On this basis, the conditions for successful specialization of the country and enhance the competitiveness of industries in the external exchange. The novelty of the work that is submitted for discussion is the following. Separately considered rentoobrazovanie in the form of food and cash. Grocery rentoobrazovanie provides mutual catering industries, but it is impossible without money rentoobrazovaniya. Of rent is not always transformed into money rent. It depends on the conditions of competition in the industry markets: the market structure of the industry, its competitive environment, the nature of demand for the product. These industry, where it forms a land rent, are very different. This is the root cause of the disparity in prices. As a result, the industry, where the rent in cash is not formed, giving its product to other sectors, their products do not get (or do not get enough). These industries are in decline, as the mutual power industries rental part of the product is broken and distorted. In such relations are agriculture and energy sector. In the last – favorable market conditions for the transformation of rent in cash. In agriculture, these conditions are extremely unfavorable for the structure of the market, by the competitive environment, the nature of demand for the products. And in this industry rent in kind in the form of money is not embodied. To prevent gratuitous pumping of rent from the agricultural sector, it is necessary to establish a system of exchange regulation of interbranch relations in order to rent in kind of extractive industries fed agriculture of the country just as it nourishes all industries and society as a whole.


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Tumalanov Nikolay V.
Doctor of Economics Sciences, Professor, Department of State and Municipal Administration and Regional Economy, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; )

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