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O. Timofeeva

Anticorruption efforts in national road traffic safety inspectorate authorities

Keywords: corruption, corruption crime, a criminal case, National Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate, anti-corruption enforcement, anti-corruption awareness

In the article the author analyzes the state of corruption in Russia. The problem of corruption in Russia carries a threat to national security and development of the state and the society at large. Corruption thus far remains one of the most common problems in the state civil service of Russia, in particular in the activities of national road traffic safety inspectorate authorities (NRTSI). Preventing corruption in NRTSI requires extensive, long-term efforts and temporary inconsistent actions do not lead to the desired result. The NRTSI authorities are currently working on preventing and controlling offences with corruption constituent element in its ranks. The author substantiates the necessity of conducting research of corruption state in public administration, in particular in national road traffic safety inspectorate authorities, she offers some new measures that can help to combat this ill of the society, shows the important role of state and law enforcement authorities, public control of struggle with it, the need to unite the efforts of all the progressive forces and institutions to minimize and defeat this negative and ugly phenomenon.


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Timofeeva Olga
candidate of law, criminal law department associate professor, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; )

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O. Timofeeva Anticorruption efforts in national road traffic safety inspectorate authorities [Electronic resource] // Oeconomia et Jus. – 2016. – №4. P. 76-82. – URL: