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Perepelkin I., Kuzmin Yu.

An integrated approach in interrogation tactics

Keywords: criminalistics, a criminal process, investigative actions, an interrogation, interrogation tactics, the complex of evidence, surprise element, an integrated approach

The analysis of an interrogation as the most common means for obtaining evidence when using an integrated approach to interrogation tactics is carried out. As investigative practice shows, different techniques of interrogation tactics are advantageous to be used as a complex. This is especially true for those situations where the evidence base is insufficient and only a properly chosen combination of tactics makes it possible to achieve the desired result. Interrogation is one of the most common means for obtaining evidence in a particular criminal case. To obtain reliable information from witnesses, the affected parties, the accused or suspected offenders it is very important to prepare for the interrogation, to use a comprehensive, integrated approach to interrogation tactics, particularly in establishing psychological contact with the interrogated persons. The relevance of the topic lies in the fact that if it is impossible to develop a concerted strategy for conducting an interrogation, it is quite realistic to apply an integrated approach to the interrogation depending on the circumstances (conflict-free and conflict situation), to present a complex of evidence during interrogation of the accused with the purpose to terminate attempts of suppressing a crime or during interrogation of persons, who pled partially guilty, to use a surprise element when asking a question and produce evidence to achieve the goal of interrogation – to obtain complete and truthful information about all circumstances that are directly relevant to a particular criminal case.


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Kuzmin Yury A.
Senior Lecturer of Criminal Law Department, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; ORCID:
Perepelkin Vyacheslav
Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor of Criminal Law Department, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; )

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