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Rozenko E.

About some aspects of penal system development in the Russian Criminal Law: status, trends and priorities of improvement

Keywords: criminal law, punishment, penal system, types of penalties, tendencies of development

The article expands the problem of improving the system of criminal penalties, which results from a long-term development of domestic criminal law. In the overall characteristic of penalties system in the Russian criminal law positive and negative consequences of this development are examined. A systemic construction of the list of criminal sanctions requires statutory consolidation of additional punishment in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. A new definition for the signs of penalties system consolidated in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is offered as well as new approaches to solving the problem of forming a new list of criminal penalties. Further improvement of the criminal penalties system must be carried out by developing systemic-structural characteristics in the process of differentiation and typology of sentences. The penalties system is of fundamental importance, as it determines not only the overall limits of penalties, category of the crime, peculiarities of penalty imposition and release from punishment, but serves as the basis of the penal system as a whole as well.


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Rozenko Elena
criminal law and process department senior lecturer, Yugra State University, Russia, Khanty-Mansyisk (; )

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Rozenko E. About some aspects of penal system development in the Russian Criminal Law: status, trends and priorities of improvement [Electronic resource] // Oeconomia et Jus. – 2017. – №4. P. 58-64. – URL: