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DOI: 10.47026/2499-9636-2024-1-23-31

Petrova S.V.

Development of Public-Private Partnership in the Chuvash Republic

Keywords: region, rating, public-private partnership, investment site, public-private partnership project, regulatory and institutional environment

The purpose of this study is to analyze the state of public-private partnerships in the Chuvash Republic, identify the trends of their formation and propose the ways of their development. Materials and methods. The paper made use of the ratings, monthly Russia's public-private partnership market review digest, investment sites, which provide up-to-date information, an overview of public-private partnership projects in the Chuvash Republic. The main research methods were analysis and comparison. The authors made the analysis of the dynamics of the implementation of public-private partnerships in the Russian Federation, SWOT analysis of the development of public-private partnerships in the Chuvash Republic and the comparison analysis of investment sites of different regions. Research results. As a result of the detailed analysis of regional investment portals and ratings, the author found that the investment website of the Chuvash Republic, which provides examples of successful practices of public-private partnerships, is not informative enough. The analysis of the public-private partnership reveals that the Chuvash Republic ranks the last in the Volga Federal District in terms of the public-private partnership development rating, which implies there are problems in this area. There is a need for identifying the most interesting and suitable practices of implementing public-private partnerships to be used in the Chuvash Republic. Thus, as a result of the analysis of the public-private partnership development in the Chuvash Republic, the author proposes new ways to effectively develop public-private partnerships. They will help to improve the position in the public-private partnership ranking and attract investment to the Chuvash Republic. Conclusions. Thus, the article substantiates that the investment site of the Kaluga region is more complete and the most advanced, and as the first best experience, it is quite applicable when improving the investment site of the Chuvash Republic. Using the example of the experience of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the author proposes to introduce a new position at the Center for Public-Private Partnership in the Chuvash Republic – a business sheriff.


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Petrova Svetlana V.
Candidate of Economics Sciences, Associate Professor, Departments of State and Municipal Administration and Regional Economics, Chuvash State University, Russia, Cheboksary (; )

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Petrova S.V. Development of Public-Private Partnership in the Chuvash Republic [Electronic resource] // Oeconomia et Jus. – 2024. – №1. P. 23-31. – URL: DOI: 10.47026/2499-9636-2024-1-23-31.